M130 Motec Can-Am Plug and Play
  • M130 Motec Can-Am Plug and Play


    Brought to you by the leader in Engine management and one of the worlds renowned tuners. This kit includes the Motec M130, billet expansion box, and a ready to run package/tune, basic data logging, knock, fuel, revised DPS for a relaxing steering experience, launch control, clutch slip control, fan control, water spray control , and flex fuel. This system has been tested in drag, close course, and cross country racing applications. These Packages are in stock and ready to ship. Please add sensors as needed.

    • Kit Includes

      Motec M130

      Billet expansion box

      Ready to run package/tune

      Basic data logging

      knock Sensor

      Launch control

      clutch slip control

      fan control

      water spray control

      flex fuel


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